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Interview with a legend. Nico Pillin is answering to Snowscoot Hungary.

Nico Pillin was born in 1983 in France. He is still an active rider, but already became a legend in the history of snowscoot. The list of his awards and titles is long:

Adidas Winter Slopestyle 2006: second place

Winter Fise 2011: second place

Scootercross French champion: 2013

Snowscoot Freestyle French champion: 2003, 2004

Winner of 2015 Freegun Snowscoot Tour in Scootercross

Champion of 2016 Japan Scootercross

European Champion in Snowscoot Freestyle: 2005

World Champion in Snowscoot Freestyle: 2007, 2008, 2012

Scootercross World Champion : 2014

World's biggest jump on a Snowscoot (35 m long) : unofficial record

It is a great pleasure, that he accepted our request and answered our questions:

Snowscoot Hungary (SH): How long do you ride snowscoot?

Nico: I've been riding Snowscoot for 19 years now (since 97). Pro since 2006.


SH: Do you have favourite style or terrain? (eg.: Freestyle, Freeride, Park)

Nico: My favorite riding style was freestyle and good snowparks but I love racing boardercross also.


SH: Do you do other sports?

Nico: I used to be a pro BMX rider and also ride a lot in motocross.


SH: How do you explain snowscoot for those who have never seen one?

Nico: Snowscoot is the mix of BMX and snowboard!


SH: What is your message to those, who never tried snowscoot? What is the best about snowscoot riding?

Nico: Snowscoot riding is the best way to have fun on the slopes with a handlebar. Feelings are unique.On top of that it's the easiest winter sport to learn.

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